Managed Services

Managed Services – Fixed Rate IT services / Maintenance

Albuquerque Information Technology provides outsourced technology management that will free-up your time and increase your team’s productivity.  What you do with your free-time, well, that’s up to you.  We’re assuming it will improve your Life Style though – and that’s what we’re all about.

Yes, we hire really smart people.  We have certifications.  We KNOW how to support multi-location, multi-server network environments.

More importantly, our services help the businesses different organizations as they USE their computers at work, at home, on the road and traveling the world.

Prior to outsourcing their technology to Albuquerque Information Technology, many of our customers used to reboot their computers whenever something went wrong (never knowing why), suffer through network unavailability, complain about slow response rates from their “technology guy” and pay inordinately high hourly rates whenever their server crashed.  Sound familiar?

Albuquerque Information Technology’s service model is different.  We provide an all-inclusive proactive, reliable, affordable, technology service for small and mid-sized organizations in the Twin Cities area.  And here’s the big difference – we don’t charge by the hour, we charge by the month.

Why is that important?  Well, ask yourself this question, “Does my current technology service provider make more money, or less money, when I have technology problems?”  If they make MORE MONEY when you need their support most – then your technology solution is BROKEN!  That’s a WIN-LOSE relationship – and your technology solution provider is WINNING.

With our solution – if your technology is unstable, then we have to commit additional time and resources to resolve the issue — at no additional cost.  We charge the same monthly fee if your technology is stable…or unstable.  So, obviously, we’re motivated to keep it as stable as possible.

Our services are all-inclusive so you won’t pay for travel time either.  Have you ever needed help on Saturday morning or Sunday night — while you’re preparing for a big sales presentation?  No problem…where there to help.

How’s that for a WIN-WIN relationship?  Not even full-time employees offer that (and they go on vacation, call in sick and, eventually, quit!)  Which is why more and more companies are switching to AIT for their outsourced provider of technology management services.

With our proactive approach to technology management, you can stop worrying about computer problems and re-allocate that time toward your business (or free-time, we don’t care).  We become your one stop technology department.

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