Computer & Server Repairs

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Our technicians are fully industry certified, and take the utmost care to make sure that your network, home or office, is as secure as it is efficient. Best of all, we offer flat hourly rates or “fixed rate” agreements, ensuring that you are not paying us unless we’re working on making your IT infrastructure work better. This flexible payment structure allows small businesses access to the same high-powered IT staff on call as the big guys, without having to pay high-powered IT staff salaries. So your office works, and you’re not throwing money out on people who spend most of their time sitting around and waiting for things to go wrong.


Electronic equipment collects a large amount of dust and allergens internally over time.
Manufactures of these system recommend cleaning the internal components at least twice a year to maintain warranty(s) coverage and to keep systems operating for their designed lifecycle. This is especially true for mission critical components of the network. Over time with use computers collect: unused programs, temp files, and a whole range of data you don’t need. Worse are viruses and male-ware which rob your system of performance while potentially allowing malicious programs to infect your system. Contact us to schedule an appointment to clean those systems and have them running better and safer than new.

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